7.65 Argentine spotter projectiles

ITEM 65BU222

7.65 Argentine spotter type "R" observing projectiles. 163 grain. Projectiles have dicolorization on the bottoms where the cupronickel jacket touched the powder, some may have other minor cosmetic blemishes, we add a couple extra to every order to accommodate for this. These give off a flash, bang and a puff of smoke on hard or soft targets. They mic. around .312/.313 diameter. Similar to the 54R PZ and 7.92/8mm B patrone. We have seen theses loaded in 7.62x54R, 7.7 Jap., .303 British. You should always slug your barrel first before loading for any of these projectiles as old military rifles bore diameters can vary from .309-.314. Limited quantity.

We do not recommend resizing these projectiles.

Never use a hammer puller on loaded rounds with this projectile.

25 count/ $100.00 + Sh

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